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Nothing better represents what the best online casino environment is like the best online roulette because just by seeing, it can transport us (metaphorically) to the best casinos in Monte Carlo or Las Vegas. Nobody disputes that it is the quintessential symbol of gambling and betting. Just seeing it already gives us a feeling of adrenaline and the excitement only increases with each second we spend playing. And if you don’t believe it, just try to play it for free here to familiarise yourself with this exciting game.

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We can’t help but wonder why we love roulette online so much? What attracts us to this? Recent research links neuroscience to best online casino games. Contrary to what was believed in the past, what drives the love of the game is not directly the profit of the money, but another reward. Apparently, the reward we receive when we play comes from our brain and is called Dopamine.

What is dopamine?

Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that carries messages between neurons. It is a protagonist of our motivation to do many things, from what we eat to those that have fun. The two parts of the brain responsible for creating dopamine are the “black substance” and the ventral tegmental area (ATV), both very small but very important parts in our daily lives, where the dopamine produced in the first is responsible for our speech and movements, while the second one is responsible for the feeling of reward.

Best Online Roulette and Dopamine

Initially, it was believed that the financial reward of gambling (helped by the no deposit bonuses) was what drove us crazy about gambling and entering online casinos. However, this dopamine activation is found only when we receive a reward (that is, we win), but not when we lose. However, many people continue to play even when they lose.

In fact, there are many people who describe playing at online casinos as a pleasant activity, rather than an opportunity to win money. During the investigation, episodes of euphoria similar to those who use drugs were reported in the guinea pigs and that the more money the subject lost, the more he insisted on continuing to play. Which suggested that there must be something more to the game, besides the monetary reward, that would motivate them to continue playing and playing in online casinos.

One of the hidden factors that seem to explain this behaviour is the uncertainty of the reward. Many studies have shown that mesolimbic activation, that is, dopamine secretion, is much more intense in the face of the uncertainty of receiving a reward than that secreted by the reward itself. A predictable or somewhat challenging game, it is tedious and does not generate interest. That’s why in casinos we have games like online roulette and not the tic-tac-toe.

Not everything that sparkles…

However, not everything is gain with dopamine. It is known that stopping gambling after practicing it consistently can generate symptoms similar to those of withdrawal syndrome, which can lead many people to fall into gambling addiction and suffer all the consequences that it entails. That’s why we give you some tips to continue enjoying your online gaming sessions and nights without succumbing to dopamine.

  • Limit your consumption of coffee and alcohol and eat in a balanced way – Eating meat and carbohydrates can reduce dopamine levels and balance your mood. Likewise, maintaining balanced levels of vitamin B and iron does no harm in taking care of your health.
  • Avoid playing very high bets with relatively low rewards – When the bet / win ratio is very high, it can become very attractive to a compulsive gambler, so it is important to evaluate the scenario before betting.

Remember that maintaining balanced dopamine levels is important for a healthy lifestyle and staying motivated, so if we decide to use the game to get it, whether it’s playing roulette in a real casino or trying your luck in an online casino, remember that we do this to have fun and perform responsibly and alternate playing in the best online roulette with other activities that stimulate memory and other parts of our brain.